Friday, September 30, 2011

I couldn't help myself...

I placed another order with Rebel Mini's. I assume that my pile of lead isn't large enough to motivate me to paint more. (And the pile of 28mm lead and 6mm lead and 10mm lead is too overwhelming).

Maybe I am a 'collector' now. I love mini's. I used to paint all the time. Now I seem to struggle with motivation. Self motivation. Apathy. Depression? Probably. It's been a real struggle to get back on the 'hobby horse'.

My Rebel Minis Order:
Earth Force Marines Infantry
15mm Warlord Class Grav Tank
15mm Thumper Class Grav Tank
MATV Apache
MATV Comanche
Titan Marine Mk.II Recon HAMR Suit

I also placed an order with Splintered Light:
Armed Space Crew
Unarmed Space Crew

It looks like I should receive the Rebel Mini's order today. The Splintered Light order was out of stock, I got an email right away from them saying it would be about a week.

My prior order from Rebel Mini's was shipped right away and arrived quickly. It appears the same for my second order. I am pleased with Rebel Mike's service.

I have never seen an 15mm vehicle in person, so I am looking forward to getting off work tonight and checking the mail. I am really curious what they look like (size). I have heard many die-cast cars (matchbox, hotwheels) can be of similar size (but being more sized for the box, rather than a specific scale.) Seeing a model made specifically for 15mm would give me an idea of what to look for when I am at the toy store! I bought a matchbox Hummer and Toyota 4-runner that looked like they may pass for 15/18mm but when I got them home, they looked a little big. But, those are big trucks anyways... My 8 year old saw the trucks and wanted them for himself. I don't blame him.

I find myself continuing to ponder what colors to paint my FoW Germans. (Again, based individually, plans to play with Tomorrow's War). The only thing I know for sure is I don't want to go with the classic German color schemes. I am thinking of an urban camo scheme at the moment. I really need to just paint them and move on. I get stuck 'analyzing' and never get anything done. (I guess that's why I work as an analyst).

Ok, back to work I guess. (reading TMP and whatever else I can get away with at work).

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hard to believe I haven't done anything here for a month.

I know I have procrastinated a bit lately, but didn't realize it had been a month! Oh how the time flies.

Okay, so since my last post, I had completely stripped the 8 figures I had been working on. I was not happy with how thick the sand was on the bases. The final soak I gave them got them looking good as new. Unfortunately, there was a casualty. One of the mini's lost the tip from his gun. I'll figure something to do with him later. He was a duplicate from the package anyways. I figure he is fodder for the conversion bin. Maybe use him to practice head swaps.

I assembled the rest of the mini's I had from that pack. I did apply sand, although I was planning on not doing so. The superglue I was using (zap-a-gap) was a bit thick so, I applied more than needed and stuck on the mini, the glue dried and helped form a slope from the models casting down to the washer. This made a smoother transition for the sand. I applied watered down PVA glue to the base and dipped in fine ballast. I did this for all the mini's then applied a layer of glue on top to seal it. There were a few that had some gaps in the sand, near the edges, that I was not happy about, so I just added a touch of glue and re-dipped in the ballast. I have 4 heavy weapon teams mounted on 32mm washers. I decided to add a some larger sand bits I have to break up the open areas on the sides.

After the bases were good and dry, I primed them with Army Painter White primer. I haven't used any Army Painter products before, so far it is working well. I have preferred GW Black Primer in the past, I was never happy with GW White primer, seemed inconsistent in quality.

So, I pulled my airbrush out of storage. (I have moved a lot over the past year so I haven't seen the poor thing.) Apparently, I must have been in a rush the last time I used it and forgot to clean it properly. No worries, I pulled the thing a part and set the pieces to soak. It didn't take long for everything to be sparkly clean. (I did get sidetracked and forgot about the parts for awhile, so they soaked for at least a week or two).  On the downside, I managed to lose a rubber gasket for the hose leading into the airbrush. So, I went to the local Hobby Lobby where I bought the brush to get a replacement. Turns out they sell replacement parts for every bit of the device except for that gasket. So, I had to buy a new hose (which includes the gasket). I probably could have gone to a hardware store and tried to match something up, but figured that I didn't have the patience to do that. Plus, I was already at Hobby Lobby and had what I needed in hand. Also, there was a chance my hose was ruined anyways as I caught my little dog playing with it. (It was not a happy day for me...)

Still frustrated with my lack of progress. I'm not sure what is wrong, but I get home from work feeling tired and lack motivation. I have a platoon of troops just waiting for paint. They are primed and ready. Airbrush is cleaned, parts replaced, everything is in working order. So, I only have myself to blame.

So, I am thinking maybe it is the subject matter that is sitting in front of me. I had bought these Flames of War mini's to test out 15mm, to see if I would like the scale, if I would enjoy painting them and playing games that size. Plus, it was the only thing local I could find. I got them on sale for around $10. Considering most places I would order mini's from, it would be at least $5 in shipping, it seemed like the best way to go. 24 Germans for $10 isn't a bad price either. I decided to place an order with Rebel Mini's, with the hopes that if I had sci-fi models in front of me, I would be more inclined to get them done.

Two things are slowing me down now. 1) I have these germans that are primed and ready. I have a feeling of need to finish them before I begin on my new models. Sort of like having to finish my vegetables before getting desert. 2) I had my boys for the weekend (this is a good thing), but it did distract me from painting. My boys will always come first, so I gladly set aside my hobby time for them. I only get to see them every other weekend, so I like to make my time with them count.

My rebel mini's order:

Titan Marines Infantry   
Titan Marines Command    
Titan Marines Heavy Weapons
15mm Black Widow MERCS    
Earth Force Command Pack  
Earth Force Marines Heavy  Weapons
15mm Post Apoc Survivalists
15mm Street Punks
15mm Goverment Types
15mm Hunter's Pack

I realized when the order arrived that I forgot to order Earth Force Marines. Oh well, an excuse to order more. I want to get some vehicles too. My eyes are bigger than my stomach, I really have got to finish something before I buy more. I no longer have the excuse of not having anything sci-fi to paint.

And Tomorrow's War will be out soon. I am running out of time to get a couple of forces ready to show off the game to some friends.

So, my goal for today is to get something done with my mini's when I get home from work. I may also be playing some Warhammer 40k tonight too... I am losing a lot of interest in the game, but it is what my friends are playing. I am happy they are leaning towards Warhammer Fantasy, but I look forward to the day they look past GW games (which I can see a hint in there eyes of doing so)

Okay, so I am at work, so I better get back to work. Thanks for reading.