Monday, August 15, 2011

30 minutes plus contemplating new paint

I got a little work done yesterday (Sunday). I painted the pants on 8 mini’s plus painted the base of one of them. Not a lot, but it’s more than the whole last week.

I got a little disappointed when I opened some of my paint pots and found them nearly empty or dried out. Almost all of my GW Foundation paints are useless. I wonder if the newer style paint pots aren’t as good as the previous. Most of my paints are GW with the screw on / flip top bolter shell style pot from about 2004-05. Those ones are fine, just upset about the foundation paints. Oh well, I wasn’t all that impressed by them anyways, but had looked forward to using some of the colors.

So, now that it is getting near time to start replacing paints, I am considering my options. Unfortunately, where I live there is little in the way of hobby stores. (about an hour drive). Sampling different brands will be difficult. Other than my foundation paints drying out, I’ve not had trouble with GW paints. I have noticed the newer bottles seem to be the same as the foundation, so that worries me a little. My mind is leaning towards Vallejo paints. 1) they have a selection of colors that match GW paints (game color). 2) I kinda like the idea of a dropper, but have had practical experience with it. 3) There are a lot more colors available beyond the GW color range.



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    Ray says:
    August 15, 2011 at 4:45 pm (Edit)

    Vallejo are first class paints, I’d recommend them to anyone, what was you painting?

    arrivalvengeance says:
    August 15, 2011 at 5:56 pm (Edit)

    Still working on the 8 soldiers shown in previous post. Very slow work-in-progress. Mostly due to new job and being exhausted. I was making good progress, but lost steam when I kept opening up more and more bad pots of paint.

    Vallejo or Reaper is where I am leaning towards. Likely to be Vallejo. I need to take a proper inventory of what usable paint I still have. I had a GW Mega-Paint Set, so basically, every GW color. The Vallejo Game Color may be just the thing to fill in the holes. Thanks for your opinion.

  2. Dropper bottles are the way to go. I like my Reaper paints, they come in color triads sort of like Foundry, and I don't waste paint taking it out of the bottle like GW. Vallejo is good too, especially if you want to match GW. FWIW, I've had some old GW paints from around 2004-2005 that are still good; they last practically forever if you store them upside-down. I've not used the Foundation range, though.