Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's a start...

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A friend of mine once said, “It’s amazing how much you can accomplish if you dedicate just one hour a day to The Hobby”. This was in reference to painting Warhammer models.

I have lost touch with my hobby for a number of years now. This was a result of a path in life I chose.

I had become burnt out on war-games. I had built some Tyranids back in 2006 and painted a few of them. By 2007 I assembled and base colored a 10-man squad of space marines. I had also started playing D&D again, a campaign that lasted about a year. It was good to make new friends since moving to the Midwest.

Unfortunately, my life would take an unexpected twist. The next few years were chaos as my marriage fell apart. Aspects of work and social life began to crumble. Okay, enough of that part of the story, back to my hobby. By late 2009 I assembled, and began painting about 1000pts of Space Marines (Salamanders Chapter). I had also found another gaming group and started playing D&D and Savage Worlds. It was also in this time that I played a war-game since 2005!

It was also in this time that my life would take another twist. I would never have expected to meet someone so soon after my leaving my first wife. So, my hobby took the back seat again as I explored this new relationship, got married, moved back to the Pacific Northwest and a year later moved back to the Midwest… again.

I did manage to introduce my new wife to gaming, we’ve played a few role-playing games together (Savage Worlds and D&D). She has also taken some interest in painting miniatures, but has not yet. Our living situation back west did not make gaming or painting easy.

So, here I am. Settled back down in the Midwest, ready to get back into my hobby.

I’ve got a pack of mini’s sitting on my table ready to be opened up. I unpacked my paints on last Tuesday. I still need to find the box with my other modelling tools. My goal is to put something together tomorrow, post some pics and tell you all about it. Ultimately, I aspire to the ‘hour a day’ philosophy. We will see.

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